Tuesday, December 7, 2010

breaking my brain

So here's the truth: I haven't written regularly in a long time, and now it's been six consecutive days of not only writing, but publishing it on a blog. This is new territory for me.

My pastor once used the expression "break your brain." He was referring to that moment when you pass the threshold of what comes easily and enter a new zone of operating. This, of course, doesn't come naturally. There's often a breaking of what is so that there can be a kind of re-forming. Did you know you have to tear muscle to build it? That's what happens when you start a new exercise program -- and feel that muscle ache a day or two after.

My point is that my brain is broken right now. For the first few days I was on a bit of a high and felt an incredible surge of creativity and excitement. But words for the recent prompts haven't come as easily. Today's prompt is about community -- and while I have a few stories lying around here somewhere, today I can't quite form them. They have to do with conflict and housemates and leaning into it. So stay tuned, the stories will show up here soon.

(I hope.)

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