Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ode to tayte

Two years ago he was five pounds and resting a lot from an early birth. I remember treasuring the opportunity to just be still, sitting on the couch and watching snow fall while he slept in my lap. By doctors' standards he came a bit early, but really he was -- and still is -- right on time.

He still can't say my name, but I like to think he's starting to recognize me. This morning we played our version of hide and seek, and I'm now convinced it's the best game ever. (What aunt wouldn't love to see her nephew jump with delight when he sees her come around the corner?)

Somehow, without knowing how great it would be, I've been given one of the most precious gifts: being an aunt to some of the cutest, most fun and creative kids around.

(...more photos to come later in the week, I hope...)

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  1. I LOVE Tayte! His little smile and laugh are quite endearing.