Friday, January 7, 2011

the in-between

Remember that new opportunity related to writing that I mentioned a few weeks back? Well, it was mine for the taking, and I took it. Next week I'll be leaving my job and starting a new position as a development writer at a cancer hospital the next week.

That leaves three glorious days of chosen unemployment.

So tell me, what would you do with three days if you had them? Here are some of my ideas:

Clean and clear. I have some old clothes and lots of random papers to get rid of. I love the feeling of more space, both physical and meta-physical, if you will. And if I have time, I might try to take some of my stuff to Buffalo Exchange for a fun outing and a few extra bucks.

Budget. A new (higher!) salary and some recent financial setbacks call for a new look at the budget. I'm trying to be excited about this. Money isn't my thing (or perhaps it's too much my thing?) so it always seems like a chore to make decisions about finances. I might even get some time to press in and think more deeply about my view of money and how I can trust God and his abudance more.

Pray. I really need to know (like, really KNOW) my position in God and what He has for me. There are days when I think I must be crazy to be switching jobs right now. Here are the top three of like thousands of reasons: the economy, I'm really comfortable in my job, the commute could be a killer. And the number one question: what if I fail? I've never felt this way going into a job before. My pastor preached the Sunday before Christmas on the story of Mary being told that she would conceive Jesus. God put the seed in her, then promised her that He would overshadow her to bring it about--because it was too clear how unable she was to do it herself. That promise keeps resounding for me. I need God's overshadowing to make me thrive in this new position!

Read. I want to finish up a book I started to get me thinking all things cancer.

Chill. Ideally, with some of my favorite people. I've been realizing lately that some other activities have taken priority over relationships, some for good reason. But I want to strike more of a balance. If you're up for a happy hour, local or long-distance, hit me up.