Thursday, March 10, 2011

post-it quotes: when i work

"A great free joy surges through me when I work..." -Clyfford Stills, American painter

At the MOCA a few weeks ago (my first time), I found myself enamored with not only the permanent installation but also the accompanying artist quotes. This one by Clyfford Stills rang true. When we work in the purest sense of the word, we feel a joy so deep that even the simple, expansive words "great" and "free" don't quite do it justice. But I get where he was going.

It reminds me of the famous quote from the main character of Chariots of Fire, an Olympic runner: "And when I run I feel His pleasure." Perhaps this joy is not just something that wells up from our own hearts, but is actually the pleasure of the Creator, because we are doing the very thing He created us to do.

This kind of work is what I'm after -- God-pleasing, joy- and pleasure-filled creative work. And I'm not reserving it for a bohemian gathering of friends with scarves and glasses and coffee or some novel-writing-induced nirvana. I think it's possible at my nine-to-five.

Post-it quotes is a new series. Each week I'll feature a new quote that's made it's way to a post-it note on my computer at work, combining two of my loves -- wise words and post-it notes -- with my desire to stay focused and develop excellence at my work and craft.

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