Tuesday, March 8, 2011

she reads aloud to me and I'm in sixth grade again

My Life in France plays in my car while I maneuver through downtown LA during rush hour on my way to work.

But I imagine…

I’m in sixth grade again. It’s just before lunch or the end of the day, and we break from our work and sit quietly at our desks, the lights turned off, some of us with our heads down. Our teacher transports us into a different world as she reads aloud, complete with vivid scenes and lively descriptions and different voices for each character. This time it’s 1949, France, into the life of a woman who lived a simple life guided by pleasure and fascination. And I think, someday I want to grow up to be like her.

More on Julia soon…

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  1. Nice. Looking forward to your thoughts on Julia. Don't know much about her, but loved Julie & Julia (the movie). What a blessing to be curious, bold, and to have such a supportive partnership w/ a spouse. Those things really struck me about her.