Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"they give me the key and leave me there"

This story played on the radio on the drive to work this morning -- a powerful story of redemption, belonging and home-coming.

One of the prostitutes they interview tells of the change in her life by recalling how previously her family had dis-owned her and wouldn't let her in the house. Now, she says, a tremble in her voice, "they give me the key and leave me there."

The transcript is worth a read, but doesn't capture the emotion in the voices of the interviewees. So be sure to listen, too.

(Also: As I explore writing and journalism, I'm struck by how technology is changing the ways we communicate stories and ideas. So many stories that were previously restricted to written or spoken word (ie paper or radio) are now presented in multi-media, with video, photos, etc. This one included. I'm not sure yet where I stand on this... More thoughts to come.)

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