Thursday, June 23, 2011

summer reading

Those of us who read the books we read, fiction or non-fiction, because we want to get into another character’s brain — I think we’re voyeurs, and that’s what we’re looking for in our books. -Nancy Pearl, NPR interview

This morning I wanted to share with you this short spot from NPR about good summer reads. All of the books sound fabulous, and the cover art and titles alone make me want to rush out and buy a few of these.

The quote came at the end of the radio interview, and I totally resonated with the idea of wanting to get into somebody else’s brain or life. (A few months ago, helping a friend pack up her things for a move, I happily busied myself wrapping photo frames and packing books, allowed passage into new territory in this friend's life.) Thankfully, Ms. Pearl's observation encourages me to channel my voyeuristic tendencies into reading a few of these books instead of romping around facebook.

On my summer reading list: The Chronicles of Narnia (already finished the first two books), hopefully some E.M. Forster, and I've been meaning to read Silent Spring. Hopefully also some poetry.

What are you reading now, or this summer? And what are your goals in reading? Purely educational, escaping into a new story, getting into someone else's skin?

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  1. I was just thinking of you b/c I found out that a local (I think) author took a class at Common Thread! I saw a link from another student's blog review and just got her novel from the library: I think they have the audio version if you're looking for something for your commute.
    : )