Tuesday, February 28, 2012

taking lessons

I wrote before about dabbling in CrossFit. This movement is hardcore — there are timed runs and sandbags and warm-ups that feel like workouts. I’m not gonna lie, there has been some swearing, some near-tears and maybe even a little pee. When I first went to the workouts, I put on a tough face, in part to mentally prepare, and also to convince others that I was Serious.

And then I started laughing.

A few weeks in, one of the workouts included the wheelbarrow and crabwalk. I hadn't done these since the relay races of elementary school. Trust me, it’s much harder as an adult! Later there were wall walks and forward rolls over someone holding a plank position. I literally thought I might break my neck. And though I had quite a bit of hesitation, I found that punctuating such high-intensity workouts with these movements helped me to lighten up. Eventually I learned to ease my tightly-held need for a certain kind of workout and a time that put me at the top of the pack and decided to just have fun.

This past year, for a time without knowing it and now more intentionally, I have been taking lessons in Not Taking Myself Too Seriously. Incorporating both humility and goofiness, these lessons include:
  • Wearing brightly-colored knee-high socks when I run
  • Playing a game and being ok with losing (over and over to the same people, at times)
  • Engaging in pointless banter, especially with authority figures
  • Not needing an excuse for every stupid thing I do
  • Taking lessons from cheesy pop music videos (watch until the end!)
  • Saying the crazy things that pop into my head — even if they’re slightly inappropriate and I need to be corrected
  • Engaging in conversations with children. They are masters!

Any others you can suggest? This game is fun! And life is a lot more fun — and easy — without always having to be so darn Serious.


  1. Great thoughts, Betsy. I've been thinking this over and I thought of a few.

    1) Going to LindyGroove for swing dancing. So fun, a little nerveracking, and definitely playful. (But sadly, I haven't done this in a long, long time!)

    2) Going to a rockin' kids' concert w/ N. By the end we were both pumping our fists in the air and yelling, "Let's get wild!" in the San Rafael Library. Just good, clean fun.

    3) Finally, and this is totally random, but G brought home free silly putty from a job fair, and it's pretty much irresistible. If one of us is playing w/ it we have to split it because the other person can't not play with it.

    Keep us posted on your play! I like your experiments.

  2. Ooh, I have a play idea for you - come join the rhythm section at church during worship sometime. : )