Monday, June 18, 2012

the last book i loved

Some of you readers might have noticed that I've been posting casual reviews of books I'm reading. Soon after I sang my praise for Birds of America, I discovered Rumpus's blog column The Last Book I Loved. In it, booklovers blend book review with personal essay, explaining what makes the book great, and more specifically, what made it great to them.

Book reviews are helpful, but sometimes too dry and removed. These essays are intimate and speak of the relationship of book to reader. And they reveal that as in most any relationship, timing matters. Characters, settings, tension speak as if they were peering over our shoulders because our lives have positioned us to hear their story more acutely. And as a writer, I'm inspired to write something that can create the same sort of connection to readers.

I wrote my own essay for Birds of America, and it was published on Rumpus blog today. Head on over, have a read and pass it along to any booklovers you know!

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