Wednesday, June 6, 2012

summer reading lists

Starting in first grade and for the next five year, at the end of the school year I would bring in a paper grocery bag to school. I think I decorated them, too, but I can't quite remember. What I do remember is the thrill of filling them. Standing with my classmates in a single file line, together we wormed through the halls, trying to whisper and contains bursts of laughter on our way to the library. There, we set loose to choose ten books to take with us for the summer. One of my most vivid memories from elementary school, and one that makes me the happier than most others, is loading books into my bag as a first-grader - new reader, proud of my skill and finally able to read chapter books ALL BY MYSELF. My favorites in those early days were the Betsy books by Carolyn Haywood. Because what 6-year-old girls doesn't love to share her name with an adventurous young book character?

Those bags held my early summer reading lists. In high school I read what was assigned (and sadly, I remember few of those books!), and in college I read books and articles on faith and justice as part of summer missions. Worthy reading, but not much fun. Now I have a constant reading list, but who doesn't love the idea of picking out books for pure enjoyment, reading that will likely be done lying on a beach towel with salty-wet hair blowing while waves call you back to play, or at the very least sitting in the backyard with a small glass of wine while the sun puts itself to sleep?

I'll be putting together a summer reading list over the next few days, and I'll share it soon. In the meantime, I'm curious: What all-time favorites would you put on an ultimate summer reading list? And what will you be reading this summer?


  1. Yay for reading! I pretty much stopped reading for pleasure in high school, but am happy to have rediscovered the enjoyment of a good book. G and I recently read a friend's copy of The Fault in Our Stars and really enjoyed it. It's the kind of book I probably wouldn't have picked up if I knew the premise, but I was hooked from the first chapter.

  2. Hm, I think I heard of/saw that one somewhere recently... Usually I take that as a sign. (If two separate sources, especially people I know, are saying something about it, that means it'll probably be worth reading...) I'll put it on my list!

  3. I posted about it on my blog...does hearing about it from the same person in two places count? ; )