Tuesday, July 17, 2012

she can laugh

"she can laugh at the days to come..." - Proverbs 31:26

Tonight I lie in bed with my window open, and my computer open, too. I came here intending to read but instead find myself distracted by things I think I need to do on the internet. Cool air floats into my dim room just above my head where a window is open. The house is silent, but somewhere in the apartments next door there is a man practicing opera in what I am assuming is Italian and with only a moderate amount of talent. And he is doing this very loudly. He stops for a few minutes and I think he's done. Then he starts in again, with more vigor, and every once in a while he hits that high note and tries for a vibrato.

This after a long day. There was a seminar at work that turned long and boring, discomfort from having to hold my pee too long (twice), stray looks from the 15 month old I live with that seemed to hold all of the misunderstanding and disinterest I sense from people around me and made me want to run into my room and cry (yes, I might be pms-ing and by the way, she's recovering from jet lag). There were also intentions to be productive that I didn't meet and a few decisions that I need to make but don't feel like I have enough information to settle on anything or the resources to have what I really want. And also the temptation to give up, even on the things I really want.

So this opera singer might literally be pushing on my last nerve.

Life is strange, and laughter is usually the best way to acknowledge that. And it's basically the only thing I've got tonight. Well, besides prayer, which also helps, but I'm not sure that will work with the opera singer.

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  1. Oh my...I SO wish that I had been with you for this. Just imagining this scenario made me laugh!