Tuesday, July 10, 2012

since i'm not looking out this window

My housemates are all away, and so is half my office. It's time for summer vacation. And I'm feeling it. Some internal rhythm is set to pack my bags and jump on a plane with all the others, but that's not in the cards for this summer. I'm stuck in everyday life.

So since I'm not looking out the window of a car or plane traveling away from here, or at the sun dipping into the ocean or behind any strange and wonderful land, and since I'm not tasting new food in foreign places... I'll give you a peak into what I am escaping into.

This quote has me continuing to think about introversion and my need to make space for solitude.

So sad to hear this news, especially after reading (and loving) Love in the Time of Cholera earlier this year.

"The ideal body is the one a girl is born with." Word.

Thinking of trying to create some of my own book spine poetry. (Wouldn't that be fun to try with kids? I'm imagining some ridiculous compositions.)

I like their round-up, too. Especially the part about books changing lives.

And speaking of books changing lives, the one this letter is excerpted from changed mine.

I don't read much of this kind of nonfiction, but these books on innovation look interesting.

Where are you taking off to this summer?


  1. I forgot to ask on your post about introversion...have you read The Introvert Advantage? I read it while living w/ Lexie (forget how she heard about it). From what I remember a great blend of information and encouragement for 'innies' (her term) and those who love them.
    : )

  2. Yes, I think I at least skimmed it a few years ago. I thought the insight about kids who are introverted was so helpful, too, since i'm sure many times we adults overwhelm kids with our tickling and weird faces and eagerness to hear them say funny things.:)