Thursday, September 20, 2012

the feel of contact

My morning commutes have been hellish. Not an exaggeration - I can think of few experiences closer to a fiery pit than slogging along a car-packed freeway for 50 minutes to a destination that should take you 15 to reach.

Thank goodness for Morning Edition and my favorite reporter David Greene. The sound of his voice makes me happy.

This morning he reported on minor league baseball player Reid Gorecki. So often we get to hear stories of the outliers - the extraordinary people who do unusually great things, and who get a lot of attention for it. Fun to hear about, and exciting to dream about, but often so far from my own experience. But this guy I could relate to. He has a passion, he's going after it, it's taking time and perseverance and he's had ups and downs. He's even considered quitting to become a firefighter, and that idea remains a very real possibility. The best part of the story was Greene's question at the end: What makes the ups and downs, the long seasons with unknown outcomes, worth it?

Gorecki responds: "Going 3 for 4 with a couple RBIs, couple stolen bases; the feel of contact, solid contact; there's not much better feeling. It drives you to the next at-bat."

That's it, isn't it? We all have our swings and misses - but the feeling of contact, the one home run of our season, it makes it all worth it.

And on a writerly note, I love how this guy describes something so universal in such specific terms. I am a terrible softball player (I never actually make contact), but I get what he's saying and found myself nodding my head at his response. This one goes in the file.

What does making contact look like for you?

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