Friday, September 20, 2013

fall is here

This week fall came to Southern California. Summer always holds on through most of September, sometimes even pops back up in October. That picture of a grinning sun with streaming rays taunts me: tell me you love me, tell me you want me to stay forever, it demands, just like all the celebrities with their oversized sunglasses and egos. But now: a cool breeze fills the house when we open the french doors, I slept with a sweatshirt on the other night, and the sky is an indescribable color at 7pm, light and dark touching and the moon shining and the mountains reflecting all of this off their mysterious ridges.

Finally. Why does it always seem like such a long time coming?

But even with all my anticipation, the shift in season caught me off guard. I had to remember, yes, this is what fall feels like, this is how things change. I have to make room for it. It will be sticking around for a few months.

And it will be sticking around for only a few months. To remember that is reassuring because even though I wanted this new season, it brings its lack. Leaves fall, light wanes, eventually birds stop their singing. But soon enough the season will change again and bring with it new gifts, new growth. The hillsides here are filled with bright green things after the rest and rain of the fall and winter.

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