Tuesday, November 5, 2013

rice is life

I caught only the end of this interview with Kogi truck owner Roy Choi. What he said about rice got to me - how rinsing it is about more than food, dirt and water, it's about our own spirits, too. It's a meditation, a prayer, an offering.
When you first put water in rice it's cloudy. But then as you wash it the water becomes clear. It's like cleansing your soul and watching your soul cleanse in front of you just for that moment. That small little moment every day.
I read the beginning of the transcript and love how he talks about food. I have to say, when it comes to food, Asian culture is on to something. I once asked my Chinese-American friend about love languages, and she said none of them are hers - because hers is food. Food is love for Asians, she said. (Maybe I was born into the wrong ethnicity? I always thought I was switched at birth...)

Some other highlights from the interview:

On his gambling addition
It was the beginning of my chef career. The worst thing that happened in my life actually was the gateway to what I was supposed to do in life.

On kimchi
It is everything I am. You have to constantly take care of it. It's like a sour-dough starter: You're always evolving it and refreshing it and morphing it into something. So, you'll make kimchi and then, as it's running low, you'll move over and ferment more, take a little bit of that and it'll just continue on. So it's this long string that goes throughout your life. A lot of people think kimchi is just one thing. It's not... kimchi refers to many different things...

And speaking of rice (also spoke of it here), over the weekend I found this lovely treasure. More on that soon.

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  1. Cool, Betsy! I want to hear the story behind your rice cooker. We got ours from a Korean church rummage sale on Colorado Blvd. : )