Friday, June 20, 2014

i just keep rushing on

Watching me in the kitchen could make a very good lesson in why not to multi-task. Last night I roasted beets, baked scones and made a quick veg and egg scramble for my dinner, all at the same time. Oh, and I washed the dishes as I went.

Multi-tasking for me is usually about being resourceful. My plan is that the beets would get roasted while I did dishes and prepped the scones, then the already-heated oven would bake the scones while the beets cooled and I made my dinner. The thing is, I was roasting beets (1) by a new-to-me method and (2) for a friend's bridal shower, so while they are just beets, they really deserved more attention. Instead of checking on them once or twice, I whisked dry ingredients, then wet, and then grated freezed butter into the dry, yada yada yada. And then, just as planned, the buzzer for the beets went off just as the scones were coming together. But the thing is, that freezed butter in the scone batter wasn't supposed to melt much. Oh, and I should have mentioned that the scones were (1) my first batch ever and (2) also for the bridal shower. So yes, they deserved more attention, too. When my oven buzzer goes off, it doesn't take a break, it just keeps buzzing. So that was happening while I precariously shape and patted and cut the scone batter, soft dough covering my fingers and a trickle of sweat forming in the middle of my back. I was rushing to get things done instead of taking my time and using some wisdom. For example, I could have put the scone dough in the refrigerator while I tended to the beets. Instead, I hastily flopped them onto the cookies sheets, pulled the slightly-shriveled beets out of the oven, pressing on one to feel if it had softened enough, and adjusted the oven's heat and shoved the scones in, hoping I'd spaced them out right and forgoing the cream I was planning to brush on top.

Here is what I got: the beets taste ok but look a little dark in places, taking away from that beautiful deep red color that is most of the fun of putting them into something. I had to say a little prayer when I shoved the scones in the oven because I was really not sure they would survive. I'm a big avoider, so I almost couldn't bring myself to flip on the oven light halfway through their baking time, but when I did, I was relieved to see that they looked kinda like scones. They aren't the prettiest ones you've seen, but they taste how they're supposed to. And my dinner was edible. So no casualties. But I keep thinking what pretty little scones I might have made if I'd taken my time, and willing those beets to look pretty and taste good when I mix them with feta and toasted pecans tomorrow morning before the event. I can go slower, I keep telling myself. I can take one thing at a time. But instead I just keep rushing on.

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