Wednesday, November 9, 2016

it is finished (but not final)

It is sunny today, that kind of clear brightness that makes the deep blue sky stand out against the brown folds of mountains to the north. I walked out of my apartment shortly after eight, and the air was warm, unseasonably so. Even in all this brightness, the mood feels dulled. There is disbelief and disappointment, there is pain, and maybe there is also relief.

It is finished.

That’s the phrase that keeps turning around in my head. Jesus said it just before giving up his spirit and dying. There has been a death, for sure, and who can say when it started. I’m not just talking about the election of a man whom many think ridiculous, racist and unrestrained. The death is one of hope, community, understanding and peace.

There is a lot of pain, to be sure. I feel it when I think of legislation that is meant to protect but ends up dividing. I feel it when I think of how we’d hoped women might be empowered through the campaign of our first female presidential candidate, but instead degradation has only been more prominently exposed. I feel it when I think of how it seems that most people felt so strongly against that it drove them to vote for (shouldn’t it be the other way around?). I feel it when I think of how few options so many people feel they have, on many levels.

And yet. When Jesus said it is finished, he didn’t mean it is final. New life would come, a new kingdom would start to gain momentum. I am trying to cultivate this hope.

And here are a few ways:

Needing someone to speak truth to me, I listened to the latest The New Activist podcast episode. David Gungor, a peacemaker/musician, talks about using music to speak beyond “his tribe” to prompt people to see the other in new, more compassionate ways. I can’t think of a better voice to listen to this morning.

This song has been my comfort over the past few weeks, in both the personal and the political and everything in between.

I haven't been reading as much online (so I don't have links for you). But, I'm reading and listening to a mix of books right now that, I think, offer humility, hope and some directions to move in. Bad Feminist is my easy and fun read. Strong and Weak plays on Audible during some of my commutes and is such good news that I think I'll read it over the next few months. The Bright Continent tells how Africa shines in ways only the ones who truly look can see. And Soul Feast, as assigned reading, has some gems.

Hope to you...

(photo: light shines in darkness)

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